Good Data To Growth: Make Data Fuel Your Organization’s Growth Engine

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The GDG book is for you if:

  • You are a growth professional: Irrespective of your job title, as long as you use data to understand user behavior and collaborate with your data/engineering counterparts to run data-powered experiments to drive growth, you will find this book helpful.
  • You want to understand what growth professionals do: Whether you're looking to switch careers or wish to better understand the needs of your growth counterparts, you will find this book helpful.

Also, if you are frustrated because your team hasn’t been able to derive ROI on an expensive data/martech stack, this book will certainly help you understand what exactly teams need to turn data into growth and potentially identify tooling redundancies (even though the book is not about tools and stacks – that's a promise).

If any of the above sounds like you, go ahead and buy the book and you'll get access to a Google Drive folder with the first 2 chapters right away. I release new chapters every two weeks and will continue to do so until the book is complete (shooting for Feb 2024).

I'm unsure of the exact number but the book will end up with 5-7 chapters that are unevenly distributed in terms of length (the first is ~3k words while the second is ~5.5k). Each chapter is broken into several sections and comprises actionable prompts that will encourage you to ponder and conduct small exercises.

You'll hear from me when I release a chapter or have something else to share such as artifacts, exercises, and half-baked ideas (that I won't be sharing publicly). Lastly, I'm hoping that the book will bring up many questions for you and I'll do my best to answer them all (via email).

If you've found my writing helpful, I'm certain you will find the GDG book valuable (and hopefully enjoyable too) – go ahead and get the WIP version for an introductory price of $49.